General Questions

How do I order photos?

  • Go to our order page. Enter the Unique ID number that appears on the order form sent to you in the mail. If you did not receive an order form, please contact our customer service for assistance at 978-851-5924

How will you identify me?

  • Our photographers take everyone's photograph. Using a multi-step identification process, we match the graduate's name with their image.

What is Lamination?

  • Lamination is a flexible, clear coating that helps protect your photos from fingerprints, creasing, fading, and moisture.

What are display folders?

  • Display folders are a great way to protect and showcase your prints.

What if I move after graduation? ‚Äč

  • If you are mailing in an order, cross out the address and print the new address you want the photos sent to. If you're ordering over the phone, please be sure to mention you have a new address.

Are there other photos of me?

  • This depends on your school; in some instances there may be a second photo. It will be available to view online.

Ordering Information

Can I still order after the deadline date?

  • Yes! The deadline date is just to ensure you the fastest shipping time.

How long after graduation will it take to receive my package?

  • It takes approximately 3 weeks from the date of graduation to receive your photo package.

Will all of my photos and products come in one mailing?

  • Photo packages will ship separate from plaque orders.

Can I use multiple images for one package ?

  • A package selection must be from the same image number.

How long do you keep my image on file?

  • We archive the images for 5 years after the event. After 5 years, there is a retrieval fee.

I am having trouble placing an international order.

  • Please call our customer service department so that we can assist you with placing your order.

Photo Enhancements

We do offer custom retouching options. Because these may be unique to each customer, please call, and our support team will assist you.


Money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with your pictures, please return them to our office for a full refund. Please include the following information:

  • Who to make the check payable to. If you paid by credit card, your refund will be refunded to the credit card you paid with.
  • Complete mailing address including zip code
  • Email address in case we have any questions